About SMEC

SMEC offers a systematic approach of delivering professional development programs and services to educators. These offerings are delivered through workshops, conferences, seminars, interactive video and on-line training. Some of the professional development, support services and/or programs are consistent with the needs of requesting members, such as: technology, curriculum and instruction, evaluation, research, leadership, grant writing, educational classroom management, safety, literacy, networking opportunity, cultural diversity and others. These training sessions are delivered by a high quality resource pool of trained technical assistants to provide on-site services. Through the team, partnering educators have a wealth of diverse resources and the benefit of y years of experience.

For more information about the SMEC-RESA, please feel free to contact Carolyn Mack, Director of Non-credit Programs at 601-979-8888 or Kelli Olive, Coordinator of Professional Development/Instructor at 601-979-8894 or Dimitri Crain, Resource Assistant for Nontraditional Learners at 601-979-8887.